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Apple iPads in United Arab Emirates - Buying Guide 2023

The new iPads look bright, shiny, and tempting, but they may warrant quite a large sum depending on the model you want to get. The latest iPads from Apple, the Air comes with Apple's new boxy design philosophy, a stunning 10.9 Liquid Retina display, powered by the A14 Bionic, great iOS optimization just like the iPhone and support for Apple pencil and costs AED899 on Apple United Arab's website.

The Pro is an eye-watering AED1,329. Those are pretty expensive listings for Apple's latest premium tablet devices. If that is too much for you to afford, but you still want to get one, there are other more cost-effective buy iPad pro routes or options for you like the refurbished iPad Mini. In this post, we are going to discuss apple refurbished iPad in United Arab Emirates, where to get the best iPad deals, how to validate a good refurbished iPad and some of the refurbished product's advantages.

Getting a refurbished one is the way to go if you are on a budget. They are Apple products, which means a premium build; they last longer and are still worth much in the second-hand market. They'll look brand new if you go for a good grade, making more sense to go for a refurbished iPad mini or any other refurbished iPad model instead of a new one if your pockets are shallow.

When considering them, buying from reputable sources is vital to get warranty coverage in case of any defects with the products.

Refurbished Apple iPads Price in 2023 in United Arab Emirates

The first one was released back in 2010 and Apple has come a long way since then, they have experimented and perfected the line-up with various models to suit every budget and size preference. They offer great battery life and are available in different colour options like Space Grey, Silver, Gold & Rose Gold.

Best places to get a refurbished iPad in United Arab Emirates

Good deals on renewed iPads may be hard to find in United Arab Emirates, especially on trusted sources like Apple itself – yes, they also sell cheap iPads refurbished which look brand new but come in a generic white box. If you come across available deals on these sites, don't hesitate to buy. Make sure you buy from a well known refurbished iPad store in United Arab Emirates or a reputable retailer online.

  1. Reputable Retailers

You'll find that reputable retailers like Phonebot have a wide variety of models to choose from. Make sure you buy from them as they have a long history of satisfied customers and great reviews.

  1. Apple Refurbished Store

The Apple refurbished store is also a good place to purchase refurbished products like the refurbished iPad Mini, Air and Pro albeit it's at least twice as expensive as buying from a trusted seller like Phonebot. The only problem is that these deals are often unavailable. You may also consider checking on the different country-specific sites or Apple stores for countries closer to United Arab Emirates or where you can ship them without much import tax or long shipping time. Considering it's United Arab Emirates, you may not have those options. You can buy a Jb hifi refurbished iPad but you might not get the best deal.

Apple's refurbishment process is exhaustive; as such, all sold through its Refurbished store on its website are guaranteed to be fully operational but you might not get a charger, connector or in original packaging. Apple offers products in various screen sizes and wearable gadgets like the Apple watch backed by Apple care so, we're sure you can find the perfect products that fit your needs.

Apple Refurbished iPad

The iPad has reached its 9th generation with the A13 Bionic. Brand New iPad can set you back upwards of AED499 whereas you can get a high-quality refurbished one from Phonebot for only AED449.

Apple Refurbished iPad Mini

The first iPad mini was first launched all the way back in 2012 with the iOS 6 on board, since then five generations have been launched. Refurbished iPad Mini is an exceptional device if you need an iPad on a budget. The iPad price of the refurbished iPad mini 3 starts from AED219 and it's a steal at that price.

The refurbished iPad Mini 6 starts at a price of AED599 in United Arab Emirates and it is a steal at this price, it offers more value than a brand new iPad which cost upwards of AED749. If you're on a seriously tight budget then a refurbished buy iPad Mini is the iPad for you.

Conclusively, it may be troublesome to find the latest buy iPad (9th generation standard model) on the Apple United Arab Emirates store, but you can also find some alluring previous-gen models. Some of these include the 2019 iPad mini 5 64GB, a collection of 2016 iPad Pro 9.7", 2018 iPad Pro 12.9", 2019 iPad Air and the 5th-generation standard iPad.

Refurbished Apple iPad Air

The iPad Air 1st gen features a 9.7-inch IPS LCD display and is equipped with the A7 chipset. It performs remarkably well. The second-generation iPad Air 16GB Cellular model starts from AED249. For more you can buy iPad air from here.

Refurbished Apple iPad Pro

The Pro version of the iPad perform exceptionally well and are equipped with all the best features. The first iPad Pro was launched in 2015 and since then four generations have been launched. The price of a refurbished cheap iPad Pro 11" starts from AED659 and iPad Pro 3rd gen 12.9" starts from AED929 and for the iPad Pro 5th Gen, the price starts from AED1399.

How does a refurbished iPad provide value for money in 2023?

Even though many persons will desire to purchase new iPads, a good number with shallow pockets can only afford to buy a refurbished one. Therefore, don't get rid of it if you think is damaged. Did you know you could sell it and use the money on the upgrade? A preowned iPad can save you a ton of money.

Things to know when buying a refurbished iPad

I don't think you will be okay with the fact that you bought it with your hard-earned money just to get home and realize that the it is not working. So before purchasing it, most especially from private sellers, verify the following:

  1. Request for an original purchase receipt

It is of great priority to ensure that the seller did not steal the device since it is a crime to buy stolen goods. This is because the original owner can trace the device, and if it is discovered with you, you can face legal actions.

  1. Check for a returns policy

This implies that after purchase, there's a period to return the device if it is not functioning well. This gives you peace of mind.

  1. Check whether the iCloud and user data has been removed

Having another person's account without knowing the password will be a problem. This is because you will get your device locked after several attempts trying to unlock it. Therefore, always make sure the iCloud account and data are removed.

  1. Contact the seller in an open public space

In cases where you are meeting up with the seller in person, have somebody come along with you to back you up in the deal for added safety.

  1. Pay securely and test that it works

If dealing with a private seller, endeavour to pay through a secure medium like Paypal. But before depositing this payment, test it first to be assured that it is working.

  1. Check battery health

Always check battery health beforehand. Goto settings > battery to find out the battery health percentage. If its anywhere around 90% then your good to go. Anything under 80% is concerning and you might have to soon fork out a small fortune to get the battery replaced via a third party vendor.